Welcome to the lair of a particular mad scientist (technically a mad graduate student). I like coffee, especially a good latte, and even more so the ones I make (it's supposed to be a tree).

I've created this blog with the intent of sharing my enthusiasm for the sciences with you, and hope you learn something neat while here. I plan to discuss research I'm involved in, other current research I find interesting, and also some of my entertaining side science & tech projects. Hopefully I'll get better at discussing science, and you may find some fun experiment that you've never seen before.

In addition to the sciences, my major hobby at the moment is creating furniture with the limited selection of tools I can afford on a stipend. Hence, there will be many woodworking project posts interspersed with science posts.

I think that will be all for today, if you see any neat science out there, or have any other ideas to send me, feel free to contact me at madscientistlair [at] gmail [dot] com.