Bedside Tables - Part I

  After finishing up on the upstairs bench, we decided that the next project would be a pair of matching bedside tables. These are especially needed as we currently only have one bedside table of an awkward height, resulting in both of our alarm clocks resting on the floor. In this post I'll share with you some of our early designs, consideratiins in the design process, and the finnal design we settled on (teaser; I think it is almost something out of Battlestar Galatica).
A quick sketch of the shelves, angles and door.
  We went through a few iterations of the design process, first up was what do the drawers / shelves look like? Our current bedside stand lacks a door, and this is something that we knew we wanted.

  My main concern was not showing that ugly stacked side of the plywood on any side of the table. I knew that there was a way in which I could achieve this without giving up any structural support. At the back of my mind I also knew that it involved canting the legs at a 45 degree angle, but for once I could not visualize it just in my mind, but a quick sketch showed me the path. I think we'll still have some showing from the top shelf, but some trim may be able to help with that.

Here's my detailed dimensions sketch after I measured the space.

  By canting the legs at this angle, the shelves can attach directly to them, and the plywood layers of the walls will terminate into the legs. Further, I think having the legs angled should allowed for more room for the front door to swing open. To top it all off, I think we're really going to like the slightly recessed look on the sides. Oh yeah, and the octagon shape is reminiscent of the trimmed squares of the Battlestar remake.

Anyway, this construction will go in parts as the tables get progressively closer and closer to completion - furniture-making is not our full time job, but our part-time hobby, so most of these large projects take weeks, if not months to finish, but it should be interesting for us to show you how everything comes together.

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